If you’re a new homeowner or considering a project that involves work you’ve never done before, you might feel intimidated about that DIY work you’re about to tackle. But even if the next task isn’t in your wheelhouse, there’s a wealth of resources you can use to learn by doing and still achieve outstanding results.

Whether you watch how-to videos online or head into your local home improvement store for a bit of friendly guidance, it’s easier than ever to get the knowledge you need to achieve fantastic DIY results. As long as you have the right tools for the job and quality materials, you might be surprised to learn just how far your home improvement capability extends.

Are you ready to upgrade your home to enhance its value or your family’s comfort but not sure where to begin? Here’s a list of DIY projects you can tackle without an expert looking over your shoulder.

Installing Shelving

If storage woes plague your household, you aren’t alone. Whether your family recently grew, or your new hobby is taking up more space than you anticipated, running out of room is a common problem. Sometimes it may seem like an insurmountable obstacle, but you’ll be relieved to know that most solutions are astonishingly simple.

Take shelving, for example. For a living room, bedroom, or home office suffering from cluttered media and other items, shelving is the way to go. You can display collectibles, awards, and knick-knacks in an attractive fashion while freeing up space. All you need to get started are quality shelf brackets, the right shelving board or boards to match your décor, and a stud finder. Anchor your brackets level and securely, affix the board or boards, and enjoy a more organized home.

Adding Stone Veneer Panels

There’s no doubt about it—revitalizing your home’s aging exterior will take some time. But you don’t have to break the bank or your back to make significant progress. In fact, there are quality products available that can give you the modern look you’re after without a particularly labor-intensive installation process.

Take stone veneer panels, for example. It used to be that you had to shell out for genuine brick or stone, plus the masonry work, to get that gorgeous effect on your exterior. But now, with the right style of stone veneer panel to match your home’s aesthetic, you can install these panels using standard tools—no masonry saws required.

Insulating Your Walls, Attic, or Crawlspace

There are several types of insulation, and you’re likely capable of installing more than one of them. But batt insulation has a few advantages that make it the leading choice of DIYers and home improvement pros alike.

First and foremost, batt insulation isn’t nearly as messy as blown insulation, especially batt insulation with kraft facing. It installs simply—just run it between your studs and staple it into place. Plus, because batt insulation comes in standard sizes, you don’t go through nearly as many razor knife blades as you would if you were using rolled insulation.

Working with insulation isn’t the ideal form of recreation for most folks, but it’s not a complex job. Plus, whether your family is staying cool during the summer or warm and cozy during the winter, you’ll appreciate the results for years to come.

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