An open house is a tried-and-true way to attract potential buyers to your home. Giving interested parties the opportunity to walk through and experience the space firsthand is key to landing a stellar offer.

You must put your best foot forward, which means going above and beyond standard preparations such as cleaning and removing personal belongings. With a few choice enhancements, you can impress those who attend your open house and heighten your home’s perceived value.

If you’re planning your first open house, consider this list of three simple upgrades that could help increase the perceived value of your home.

Seal Against the Elements

This is an essential first step regardless of the season, but it’s vital if you’re selling during the cold months. A draft or inefficient heating is something your potential buyers will notice. Remember, they’re mentally critiquing all aspects of your property as they walk through.

Start by picking up some Flex Paste and closely inspecting the edges of your windows. If you notice gaps, holes, or caulking that has seen better days, use your Flex Paste to create a tight, waterproof seal. Because Flex Paste is paintable, you can blend it right into your existing paint for an attractive, no-mess solution.

By sealing out the elements, you can elevate the look and feel of your home. It helps your HVAC perform more efficiently and prevents water from getting in where it shouldn’t.

Replace Outdated or Worn Interior Doors

If elements of your home’s interior appear shabby or run-down during your open house, you should expect a handful of lowball offers. Instead of wasting your time on offers that aren’t even worth your consideration, get ahead of the curve and take this simple step to help freshen your living spaces and bedrooms.

Those old brown interior doors from the 90s simply must go. They’ve served you well, but it’s time to put them out to pasture and select a new style of interior door that offers modern appeal while helping your home feel more comfortable and secure.

If your existing door frames and hardware are in good shape, you can simply hang a new door on them. However, you should closely inspect door frames for damage. If they’re showing their age, consider replacing them with pre-hung doors.

Enhance Your Exterior

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking a freshly manicured lawn will be enough to entice buyers. Your guests—especially those who’ve previously attended an open house—will expect you to have covered little details like this.

Instead, consider making lasting upgrades if you’re looking to boost your home’s curb appeal. One efficient project is the installation of stone veneer panels. Carefully select the tone and style to match your home’s paint and décor, and the right stone veneer panel can do wonders for your exterior.

Choosing a stylish stone veneer panel is a fantastic way to get the look you’re after without breaking the bank and undertaking extensive work. The most popular stone veneer panels simply install with standard tools and lock together for a cohesive result.

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