As your adult child matures and pursues their goals, your list of “proud-parent moments” will continue to grow. Eventually, you’ll add “bought their first home” to the list. As is the case for many new homeowners, your adult child may find that their new abode has a few deficiencies and could use some sprucing up.

That’s where you come in. With all your home improvement experience, you can give your adult child the guidance they need, along with a helping hand. With a bit of elbow grease, you can help them turn their new house into the home of their dreams.

Once you decide where to begin, it’s just a matter of heading down to your local home improvement store for the tools, building materials, and other supplies you’ll need. You can start with this list of three worthwhile upgrades for your adult child’s new home.

Revitalize the Aging Exterior

Maintaining an updated, clean exterior isn’t just about intangible curb appeal or keeping up with the Joneses. Coming home to an attractive house is one of the joys of finally owning a residence, and you want your adult child to experience it firsthand.

If the siding is showing wear and tear, especially closer to the ground, consider replacing it with an attractive style of stone veneer panel. Although this task may sound daunting, you don’t need to break the bank or your back to achieve stunning results. Consider using a type of mortarless manufactured stone veneer panel that you can install using standard tools.

Make Targeted Interior Enhancements

You likely know from experience that when a person moves into a new home, there’s inevitably something they’ll change about the interior. It could be that the current interior is outdated and needs to be freshened. Or, maybe the previous owner had vastly different tastes. Either way, a desire to enhance interior elements is common, but you often can’t do it all at once.

That’s why it’s best to start with a few select upgrades that can make an outsized difference. For instance, encourage your adult child to start with new interior doors. They’re relatively simple to install and can make a huge difference in how the home feels. With the right style of interior door, they can take significant strides toward making their new home attractive and cozy.

Seal Any Gaps, Cracks, or Holes

Speaking of cozy, your adult child could have a tough time relaxing in their new home if they can’t keep the elements outside, where they belong. Interior or exterior gaps, cracks, and holes compromise a home’s weather resistance. It’s about more than just comfort. These deformities lead to energy inefficiency, which will lead to increased expenses in the near term, in the form of higher energy costs, and in the long term, as undue strain on heating and cooling systems shortens their lifespans.

Fortunately, all you need for meaningful fixes is a bit of Flex Paste. This paintable, waterproof paste is extremely thick and perfect for protecting a home against moisture. Simply apply it where necessary and allow it to cure. With a couple of hours and a tub of Flex Paste, you might be surprised at how much you can get done.

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