If you want a simple way to change the entire vibe of your home without the time that a complete remodel takes, look to your staircase.

In other spaces, like offices, it’s just a tool to get from one floor to another. In your house, it’s going to be the centerpiece of your interior design.

From replacing the stair treads to adding storage options, here are four easy ways to take your staircase to the next level.

Replace the Stair Treads

When replacing old and outdated pieces inside your home, the last thing you might think of is your stairs, but after years of use, you might not realize how worn-in the steps have become.

Thankfully, this is one of the easiest ways to completely refresh the vibe of your staircase. Remove the old treads and find some new stair treads. You can pick the same wood as before, but if you want your whole staircase to feel like new, choose a different finish. Or paint them yourself for an extra colorful remodel.

Match It to the Rest of the House

When you think of your interior décor, the first and second levels of your home feel completely separate, while the staircase is a vague transitory space that doesn’t really fit with either.

It’s time to change that.

Do what it takes to make the staircase feel like part of your home. Match the closest interior door with your stair treads for a seamless transition between the two. If your walls are painted a specific color on the first floor, you can use that same color on the base of the stairs or even on the staircase wall if it doesn’t clash with the second floor.

Another creative way to help everything flow is to use wall decorations—photographs, art prints, or even floral pieces—and have them flow from the first floor, up the stairs, and onto the second.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

It’s easy to brush off lighting your staircase. You only spend a few seconds going up and down. What’s the point of good lighting?

Avoiding stubbed toes, for one.

Second, stylish lighting solutions not only bring the rest of your staircase design to life, but they serve as critical pieces to the whole scene.

One way to do this, especially with circular or switchback staircases, is with a chandelier. Another option that works with more traditional styles are a series of hanging lights. Just make sure they match the vibe of your house, and you’re good to go.

Built-In Storage Solutions

If you’ve run out of storage options in the rest of your house, your staircase is an underrated solution.

You can install some shelves along the wall all the way up, but a more unique solution that will turn your stairs into a talking point is by building shelves into the staircase itself. It’s closer to a complete stair remodel, but the time spent on the project transforms your entire home. Whether you use these built-in shelves as a bookcase, display case, general storage, or even a cubby for your furry friend, it will be the talking point for everyone who visits.

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