With a little creativity, your laundry room can be one of your home’s most versatile spaces. It doesn’t have to just be for washing clothes. By taking advantage of this space, you can add a whole new layer of functionality. The best part? These are ideas that anyone can implement in their home. From using shelf brackets for extra storage to adding features for your pet, here’s what you need to know.

Install Plenty of Storage

A laundry room needs a lot of storage as-is. If you’re planning on doubling up and using it as a craft room, mudroom, extended pantry, or anything else, you’ll need a lot more storage. Probably twice as much.

Install a few extra cabinets along the walls. This has the added benefit of extra countertops as well. If you don’t have enough room for cabinets, you can use shelf brackets to build custom shelving solutions. In the additional spaces you have, add some hooks for coats, towels, and anything else you might need.

Get Everything You Need to Create a Mudroom

If your laundry room is attached to an exterior door, a natural way to increase its usability is by turning it into a mud room or drop zone.

Build or install cubbies within reach of the door. Then, build a bench or order stools that make taking off shoes easy. Finally, install a coat rack to hang up backpacks, jackets, and everything in between.

A laundry room makes a perfect mud room because your family can drop their dirty clothes straight into the washer without getting the rest of the house dirty. It’s a convenient spot to clean up and decompress after coming in from those fun, albeit messy, adventures outside. Keep plenty of baskets and boxes on hand for organization and sorting.

Add Features for Your Furry Friend

To you, the laundry room might feel like a place of work. But to your pet, it can be a cozy spot to curl up for some ZZZs.

Converting a section of your laundry room into a pet-friendly storage space is an excellent idea for everyone. You can move food bowls, beds, toys, and other pet supplies into the room while your dog or cat gets a room to themselves.

Another valuable addition to your pet and laundry room is a washing station. A raised, tiled spot with a handheld shower head and drain make cleaning your pet easier than ever. And when they get you muddy, too, you’ll be glad the washing machine is right there.

Create a Versatile Craft and Work Station

If you don’t have a home office or need to set up a dedicated spot for your favorite crafts and hobbies, the laundry room offers plenty of possibilities. It can be as simple as adding a desk and a chair, or you can expand on the room, add some batt insulation to keep you nice and comfortable, and install extra cupboards and cabinets to hold your supplies. Now you’re crafting. Add extra lights, maybe some LEDs, above your workstation, and you’ll have everything you need to take advantage of your new craft space.

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