If you’re a winter sports enthusiast, there’s nothing like that first snowflake—you can’t wait for the fresh powder to accumulate on your favorite mountain so you can get up there and enjoy a bluebird day. But for many people, winter has its downsides, as well.

It’s not just traffic that seems to come to a standstill at the mere mention of a snowstorm. Winter weather makes most exterior home improvement work impossible, especially if you live in an area that looks like Antarctica from November through April.

But when all that snow and ice does finally melt away, it’s time to make hay while the sun is shining. Making the most of the fair-weather months means getting the earliest start possible on your pending home improvement work. Once the threat of winter storms has subsided, here’s a list of three DIY projects to tackle.

Install New Stair Treads

You wouldn’t wear your good suit to paint the nursery, so why would you install new stair treads in the middle of winter? You can bet that your family will track in enough dirt and moisture between the kids and the pets to have your treads showing signs of wear before spring even arrives.

But once you have less slush and mud to worry about outside, you can install your attractive new stair treads without the same degree of risk. Whether you’re just doing the treads themselves or giving your staircase an overall update with a new balustrade and risers, you’ll be able to enjoy their fresh looks for a little longer before the traffic starts to have an impact.

Seal Gaps in Windows, Siding, and More

The cold and moisture that winter brings take tolls on your home each year. Believe it or not, each spring thaw brings adverse effects as well. The snow and ice that have remained relatively inert through the winter can melt rapidly, subjecting your home to direct and prolonged moisture.

Each spring, it’s wise to inspect your door frames, windows, siding, roof, and foundation—any part of your home that has direct contact with the elements—for deficiencies. The gaps, cracks, and holes that form can let Mother Nature or pests into your home, resulting in water damage and other consequences you’d rather avoid. When you spot these openings, fill them with a bit of Flex Paste for a watertight seal that’s also paintable.

Replace Your Old Porch Posts

Families across the country make some of their most cherished memories on the front porch during summer. If your front porch is overdue for a few touch-ups, it’s best to perform this work during the spring, so it’s ready for your loved ones to enjoy once school lets out.

There are several elements of your porch that you’ll want to have in tip-top shape, but make sure you don’t forget about your posts. You might be inclined to simply give them a new coat of paint or stain, but it’s important to check for any structural degradations that could become problematic.

There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging your porch posts have reached the end of their life span. In fact, installing attractive new porch posts is an excellent way to freshen your home’s exterior and keep your porch looking superb for years to come.

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